Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Creating Ambari Hive Views in IBM Open Platform

This blogs talks on how to create the Amabri Hive Views in IBM Open Platform.

Step 1: Login to Ambari UI, then go to HDFS --> Config --> Advanced --> Custom core-site

Update or Add the property
hadoop.proxyuser.hive.groups = *


              Save the Configurations and Restart the HDFS.

Step 2: Go to Hive --> Config --> Setting --> Security, set "Run as end user instead of Hive user" as false.

 This will internally add the property hive.server2.enable.doAs to false. Save the Configuration and Restart the Hive.

Step 3: Create the directory under /user/admin under HDFS and provide proper permissions.

[root@rvm ~]# su - hdfs
[hdfs@rvm ~]$ hadoop fs -mkdir /user/admin
[hdfs@rvm ~]$ hadoop fs -chown admin:hadoop /user/admin

Step 4:  Click on Admin --> Manage Ambari --> Views --> Hive --> Create Instance

 Create the instance with the below details and save.

Step 5: Go to the new Hive view Instance and run the queries.

Finally you are able to create Hive Views from Ambari.

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