Thursday, October 1, 2015

Calculating the Influence Score for a Twitter User

I was building a Twitter application to get the feeds from Twitter for a Social Event and to get the target audience and calculate the influence of the Twitter User.

When we think about the influence, the first question pops up is - How do we calculate the influence of a Twitter User.

One of the simplest approach is Friends/Followers Ratio

In Twitter, we have a concept of Friends and Followers. If a Twitter User is a Celebrity or a Leader then he/she will be having more no# of followers compared to Friends.

If the (no# of Followers) / (No# of Friends) is greater than 10, then we tag that Twitter User has highly influential. Based on my experience, if the (no# of Followers) / (No# of Friends) greater than 3, can be considered as influential user.

You can check the below URL to understand the Friends/Followers Ratio

You need to get the tweets and User Profile to identify the area of influence for a particular User.

The other approach to using Klout Score. You need to register the application in

I will be covering the integration with Klout API in my next blog.

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